Affordable Sealcoating Adds Years to Asphalt

Extend the life of your asphalt pavement with cost-effective sealcoating from AAA Asphalt Paving. Our treatment can add 3 - 5 years to the life of your asphalt at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Prevent Asphalt Deterioration

Sealcoating is a tar-based chemical we apply to the surface of your asphalt. It functions like a thick paint that seals small cracks and keeps water out of the porous surface.

A Good Choice for Residential Pavement

Regularly scheduled sealcoating can be a viable alternative to overlaying asphalt - extending the life of your asphalt by 5 years each time you do it.

Neglecting your driveway or parking lot can lead to more serious deterioration that sealcoating cannot address.

By keeping up a regular sealcoating schedule, you'll delay costly overlaying - saving a big chunk of your money in the process!
Residential Pavement

Extended Warranty Available on Driveway Work

Let AAA Asphalt Paving apply a sealcoat to your new driveway and get an extended 1-year warranty. 

First, we'll lay down your driveway, then return 90 days later after the asphalt has cured to apply the sealcoat. It's that easy to add another layer of protection for your driveway that will last for years!

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Driveway work

Very Effective on Faded Parking Lots

At AAA Asphalt Paving, we use a tar-sand mixture and follow a 3-step sealcoating process to produce an execptional parking lot.
  1. We clean the parking lot by blowing off dirt and debris
  2. We fill any existing small cracks with a hot tar crack sealer to prevent further erosion
  3. We apply two coats of sealcoating
The end result is a more resilient, very dark surface where striping can be applied if you desire.

Useful for a Range of Other Paving Projects

Hotels often use sealcoating on a regular, 2-year schedule to increase their curb appeal. Let us sealcoating and restripe your parking lot or driveway as an alternative to the expense of a costly overlay.

Rely on us to repair potholes in your parking lot, then apply the sealcoat which will blend them in, creating a smooth, even, black surface that's ready for restriping. Consider sealcoating to enhance the value of your apartment community before you refinance your property. 
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