Asphalt paving

Comprehensive Asphalt Paving Services

Get quality applications for commercial and residential customers from the experienced professionals at AAA Asphalt Paving.

Choose from asphalt repaving, including pothole repair, overlay, and sealcoating, or  new construction with a base course, surface course, and optional sealcoat.

Expect Professional Repairs and Overlays

When we're repaving an existing parking lot or driveway, our general procedure is built on a careful and thorough approach.

We start the overlay procedure by determining how much repair work needs to be done beforehand.

First, we measure any potholes, cutting them out with a saw and creating a square hole.  Next, we remove tree roots and other obstructions before filling the hole with fresh asphalt. As a final step,  your parking lot or driveway surface is thoroughly cleaned of any debris.

Overlaying Done Right

After patching your potholes, we'll lay down an asphalt overlay that's sure to hold up over time. 

We do the job right by applying a 2-inch asphalt overlay - anything less than 2 inches might save you money in the short term, but also results in  a substandard repair that won't last nearly as long. We don't do that; you'll never get anything less than quality service and repairs!

Striping Finishes the Job

Once your parking lot is repaved, we complete the job with the proper striping:
  • Yellow or white striping marks for general parking spaces
  • Red demarcates for fire zones
  • Blue denotes handicap spacing, properly meeting ADA regulations
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Get more than 25 years of experience on your asphalt paving job when you turn to our locally owned and operated firm.

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