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Prepared for New Construction Projects

If you're a general contractor or a developer of commercial buildings, new subdivisions, or new roads, AAA Asphalt Paving is ready to work with you!

As soon as your plans have been approved, call 601-624-9658 or contact us by email. We'll review your plans and submit a bid that will work within the dictates of your engineers and architects.

Expect the Best Approach on Every Job

AAA Asphalt Paving follows an established 2-layer approach in new construction for parking lots and street surfaces:
  1. Base course mix: Your base is normally 2 to 3 inches thick - and is never less than 2 inches. We'll base our determinations on traffic amounts and vehicle size. If heavy-duty truck traffic is expected, we'll use larger stones to give the base the strength it needs to handle the load.
  2. Surface course mix: Your surface mix ranges from 2 to 3 inches depending on the traffic. This layer contains more asphalt in order to seal it and keep water from seeping to the stony surface underneath.
  3. Striping: Finish off your pavement with clean and clear lines that clearly indicate general parking, fire zones, handicapped spaces, plus directional images such as arrows and more.

Aware of Drainage Considerations

AAA Asphalt Paving draws on over 25 years of experience and understands the issues you face with new construction.

We'll help you address considerations such as improper drainage, which can have water flowing in the wrong direction. 

Poorly designed surface drainage leads to stagnant water pooling in your parking lot, resulting in damage to the lot itself, or water flowing back towards your building instead of the road.

Trust us to ensure your paving surfaces are directing water away from your property where it will not do any damage to your lot or building.

Driveway Construction and Repair Services

When you want driveways constructed on your commercial property, talk to the experts at AAA Asphalt Paving. We can install a quality new  driveway or parking lot, or upgrade existing driveways with pothole repairs, an overlay, and striping.  Ask about sealcoating that will make your parking lot last even longer! 
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Business
  • Residential sites
Driveway repair

Meeting ADA Requirements for Parking Lots

We deal with handicapped parking all the time and are up to date on the current ADA rules and requirements. Let us guide you on the proper placement of handicapped spaces, as well as the general rules and regulations surrounding these special considerations.

Call 601-624-9658 or contact us and get your project moving!
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