Lot Striping & Pothole Patch

Lot Stripe

Individual Lot Striping and Pothole Patching

Maybe you're not in the market for asphalt repaving but still need surface work done on your parking lot. AAA Asphalt Paving is available for restriping of existing lots and for pothole patching alone!

Remedies for General Wear and Tear

Over the years, the stripes on your parking lot wear away from traffic and fade over time, while potholes seem to appear on their own schedule.

You don't need to replace your entire asphalt surface in order to improve the condition of your parking lot. Depend on us make only the repairs you need right now, and at your convenience.
Lot Striping

Refurbish Your Parking Lot Lines

Let us restripe the existing, faded lines on your parking lot:
  • Yellow or white stripes for general parking
  • Red areas to mark fire zones
  • Blue markings for handicapped spaces with proper adherence to ADA regulations
Parking Lot Lines

Targeted Pothole Patching

Let us fill in those irritating potholes! We'll come out, measure the culprits, cut out the holes, and remove any obstructing tree roots (or other items). Then we'll fill the pothole with fresh asphalt.

You'll be able to drive with safety and in comfort in no time!

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Pothole Patching
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